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How to connect to an Azure SQL Database from C# using Azure AD

Talking about Active Directory Default authentication mode for SqlClient.

In Microsoft.Data.SqlClient v3.0.0, a new authentication mode Active Directory Default has been released. Let's see what this means when querying an Azure SQL Database from some C# code.


Week 22, 2021 - Tips I learned this week

IntelliSense in vscode, Azure CLI command to get assigned roles, and Azure Storage Explorer new version.

This week I learned some Azure CLI commands, how to have JSON IntelliSense in vscode and that Azure Storage Explorer was usable again.


Week 14, 2021 - Tips I learned this week

Azure tenant in vs code and Azure IoT Hub vs code extension.

This week I learned a few things related to vscode and especially about the Azure IoT Hub vscode extension.


You almost no longer need Key Vault references for Azure Functions.

Talking about how to manage configuration secrets in Azure Functions.

The possibility to add configuration sources in Azure Functions has just been released with the latest version of Microsoft.Azure.Functions.Extensions NuGet package. I have been waiting for this feature for a long time (like many people I think) because it brings to Azure Functions all the things we are used to with configuration in ASP.NET Core 😻. But that is not the only reason, it is also because with this feature you almost don't need to use key vault references!


Goodbye Azure Portal, Welcome Azure CLI

Let's jump into Azure CLI!

In this article about Azure CLI, we will talk about: