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Automate configuration of Teams Tab SSO with PowerShell.

Creating a PowerShell script to configure SSO for the tab of a Teams application.

If you have no interest in reading the blog post and just want the final script, you can find it on this GitHub repository.

Clean up your local git branches.

Playing with Nushell to create a useful git alias to delete unused local git branches.

When working on a git repository, I often have to manually delete old local branches that I don't use anymore. That's not really a huge waste of time but still that something I have to do quite often so I decided to automate that.

Handle token retrieval while querying an API

Using a DelegatingHandler

In our daily job, we often have to query secure REST APIs that require our HTTP requests to have a valid access token in their Authorization header. Of course, many API come with a SDK that makes the job easier for us as it directly takes care of retrieving a token and sending the authenticated HTTP requests. However it is not always the case and knowing how to implement that using HttpClient, IMemoryCache and DelegatingHandler can become pretty useful.