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Week 22, 2021 - Tips I learned this week

IntelliSense in vscode, Azure CLI command to get assigned roles, and Azure Storage Explorer new version.

This week I learned some Azure CLI commands, how to have json IntelliSense in vscode and that Azure Storage Explorer was usable again.

Customize your applications when installing them with winget

The override option of winget install command

In my last article about Windows Package Manager, I said that with winget I was missing "being able to specify some parameters for a package installation (like the workload and components to install for Visual Studio 2019)". Well that was before I went through a few GitHub issues of the winget-cli repository that mentioned the override option.

Install your applications with winget

Winget import a promising feature

You probably have already heard of the new Windows Package Manager and its command line tool winget that allows you to automate installing and upgrading software on your Windows 10 computer.