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Week 39, 2021 - Tips I learned this week

Azure emulators, Use my current account Edge extension, Azure icons in Visio and Azure Charts.

This week is mainly about learning Azure tooling.

ASP.NET Core - Lost in configuration

How should you use configuration providers in ASP.NET Core ?

Have you ever felt a bit overwhelmed by the configuration in a project, not knowing where to look for the settings between the command line parameters, the environment variables, the configuration files in code, the configuration in Azure, ... ? When developing an ASP.NET Core application there are many places where you can put your configuration which makes it difficult to know where you should put it. Even if the official documentation about configuration in ASP.NET Core is very complete and well written, it only describes what you can use and how to use it, not what you should use and when. In this article, I will try to answer these questions and give you my opinion about how we should use configuration providers in ASP.NET Core.

AzureWebJobsStorage, the secret you don't need in your Function App.

If you are using Azure Functions chances are you are using the setting AzureWebJobsStorage in your Function App configuration. And it is quite likely that the value of this setting which is a secret is stored in a non secured way directly in your Function App configuration, available to anyone has access to this configuration. But do not worry, we will see in this article how we can make your Function App more secured by removing this secret.