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Week 9, 2021 - Tips I learned this week

Windows Terminal startup actions, a git config setting for submodules and a better IntelliSense for azure pipelines vscode extension.

I often see developers talking on Twitter or on about things they have learned during the previous day or during the previous week. I like the idea so I decided to write my first article about tips I learned during this past week. I am not intending to write an article like this every week but from time to time when I feel I have something interesting to share or that I want to keep track of for myself.

Forget DevOps, the future is already here!

Best practices in IT.

DevOps has been the trendy term for quite a few years now. Lots of companies including biggest companies in Silicon Valley have started adopting DevOps practices. However the DevOps journey is not an easy one, so you might wonder if DevOps is really suited for you and your company. Do now worry anymore, you can forget about DevOps because your company is probably already using the best practices in IT, and these are not DevOps practices. Let's take a deep dive into some these practices in this article.

How to do a technology watch ? - Part 3

Be part of the community

When I started writing this article I did not realize it would be so long so I decided afterwards to split it into three parts that will each talk about an aspect of doing a technology watch: