Hi, my name is Alexandre Nedelec. I am a software developer living in Bordeaux.

I graduated from the Engineer School ENSEIRB-MATMECA in Computer Sciences a few years ago. I am currently working for an IT consulting company specialized in Microsoft Technologies.

I am a .NET and Azure enthusiast, primarily coding in C# but I like to discover other languages and technologies too. I want to keep learning and always become a better developer.

This blog and its posts are a good way to remind me of things I have learned, solutions and workarounds to some coding issues I have encountered and helpful tools I have used. This blog is also a place to write about things I am interested in and if it can make some people learn something new or help them solve a problem, that's for the better.

This blog was generated using Statiq a really nice open source tool that I can only suggest you to have a look at.