Another year of sharing and learning - Dev Retro 2023

Challenges and achievements of 2023

Last year, I wrote my first annual retrospective. It was an interesting exercise that I intend to do every year. So for 2023, here is my year in review.


A year of learning and sharing - Dev Retro 2022

Challenges and achievements of 2022

I usually do not take the time to reflect on my developer journey and look back over the past year. Yet, it's a shame because I miss the opportunity to:


Discussion about API clients

What should you consider when choosing an API client?

This article is a discussion about API clients. Without being a comparison between the best API clients, this article talks about the pros and cons of some popular tools to send HTTP requests to an API. The goal is not to elect the best one, but rather to try to answer the following question: what we should consider when choosing an API client, and what are the challenges when using one?


What can we do when stuck with a programming problem?

Some tips to get unstuck as a developer

Like I wrote in my last article, as a developer sometimes you get stuck on a problem for a few hours or a few days, your code won't work, and you think nobody can help you 😿. This can be very frustrating, but fortunately, there are plenty of ways to look for a solution or to seek help. You are probably already using some of them with success, yet there may be some you don't think of and that could help you a lot. That is the topic of this article.


What made me want to be a developer?

Some thoughts about how and why I became a developer

In this article, I share some thoughts about what made me want to be and continue to be a developer.