package manager

Who is using pnpm?

Discussion about pnpm usage and popularity.

You may have come across pnpm through discussions with fellow developers, reading blog posts, watching videos, or attending developer conferences. You have probably heard its praises: it's fast, disk-space efficient, and great for monorepos.


Execute commands using your project dependencies

pnpm exec

You have a dependency in your project and want to execute a command using it? The pnpm exec command can help you with that.


Manage multiple Node.js versions

pnpm env

If you are working on various projects, you have likely encountered situations where you need to have multiple versions of Node.js installed on your computer.


Perform Dynamic Execution of an npm Package

pnpm dlx

Sometimes, all you want to do is grab an npm package and execute a command with it, without having to install it (whether globally or as a dependency).


Week 46, 2022 - Tips I learned this week

Some tips about .NET, pnpm, and Azure DevOps.

This week, I installed .NET 7 on my laptop and I used Windows Package Manager for that:


How did I automate the setup of my developer Windows laptop?

A git repository, 2 packages managers, a little bit of scripting, and here is my new environment ready

In this article, I talked about my latest project: how I built a script to automate the setup of my developer machine using Boxstarter, Chocolatey, Winget, and PowerShell... and how I learned a few things along the way.


Producing packages for Windows Package Manager

Automate the upgrade of a winget package with GitHub Actions and Winget Create.

In my previous articles about winget I talked about installing packages but I did not talk about producing packages for Windows Package Manager. So let's set things right.


Customize your applications when installing them with winget

The override option of winget install command

In my last article about Windows Package Manager, I said that with winget I was missing "being able to specify some parameters for a package installation (like the workload and components to install for Visual Studio 2019)". Well, that was before I went through a few GitHub issues of the winget-cli repository that mentioned the override option.


Install your applications with winget

Winget import a promising feature

You probably have already heard of the new Windows Package Manager and its command-line tool winget that allows you to automate installing and upgrading software on your Windows 10 computer.