Once upon a time in .NET

A story about records, http message handlers, http client extensions...

Week 14, 2021 - Tips I learned this week

Azure tenant in vs code and Azure IoT Hub vs code extension.

Week 12, 2021 - Tips I learned this week

Version in git tag with Azure Pipelines and in application insight logs.

Week 9, 2021 - Tips I learned this week

Windows Terminal startup actions, a git config setting for submodules and a better IntelliSense for azure pipelines vscode extension.

Forget DevOps, the future is already here!

Best practices in IT.


How to do a technology watch ? - Part 3

Be part of the community

You almost no longer need Key Vault references for Azure Functions.

Talking about how to manage configuration secrets in Azure Functions.

How to do a technology watch ? - Part 2

Where to learn ?

How to do a technology watch ? - Part 1

Starting your journey with blogs and bloggings/microblogging platforms.

Automate configuration of Teams Tab SSO with PowerShell.

Creating a PowerShell script to configure SSO for the tab of a Teams application.

Clean up your local git branches.

Playing with Nushell to create a useful git alias to delete unused local git branches.

Handle token retrieval while querying an API

Using a DelegatingHandler


Coming across Gitpod

An IDE in the browser

Good bye Azure Portal, Welcome Azure CLI

Let's jump into Azure CLI !

HTML templating in Xamarin

Razor templates, Handlebars.Net ...

Testing your API with REST Client

Why using the vscode extension "REST Client" instead of Postman ?