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Hi, I'm a .NET developer fond of Microsoft technologies, welcome to my blog !

Create an Azure-Ready GitHub Repository using Pulumi

Using Azure OpenID Connect with Pulumi in GitHub Actions

Creating an application and deploying it to Azure is not complicated. You write some code on your machine, do some clicks in the Azure portal, or run some Azure CLI commands from your terminal and that's it: your application is up and running in Azure.


Who is using pnpm?

Discussion about pnpm usage and popularity.

You may have come across pnpm through discussions with fellow developers, reading blog posts, watching videos, or attending developer conferences. You have probably heard its praises: it's fast, disk-space efficient, and great for monorepos.


Vue.js CI/CD: Continuous Integration

When working on a project, you typically focus on a specific feature at a time, making changes on a dedicated branch for that feature. When it's time for you to integrate these modifications into the project's code base, the code base has likely evolved since you began working on your feature, as other team members have also pushed their work. That's why your code changes may introduce errors in the application you are developing.